—Chatime is shaking up Fulham Broadway

Have you had the chance to visit the new Chatime location at Fulham Broadway? We’ve had the pleasure of trying two delightful flavours and are eager to taste more.

Which flavours are you looking forward to experiencing?


Chatime has brought its ‘quintessentially traditional Taiwanese bubble tea’ to Fulham. Founded in Taiwan, where bubble tea originates from, and globally the firm now has 1,000 stores worldwide, including over 30 branches in the UK. ‘Cha’ means ‘tea’ so a trip to Chatime is simply ‘tea time’.

The menu includes over 50 drinks across eight categories – Special, Milk Tea, Tea Latte, Fruit Tea, Mousse, Fresh Tea, Cooler, and Ice Blend. There is also a wide range of toppings to choose from, including pearls, pudding, grass jelly, mousse, strawebery jelly, strawberry popping pearls, rainbow jelly, red bean, brown sugar pearls, and more.

All orders are customisable with toppings which are freshly made.

Chatime Reel