—iPhone 14 – It’s here. It’s new. It’s better!

It's here. It's new. It's better!

The iPhone 14 is official and it’s here! As well as the iPhone 4, it also brings along its bigger brother, the iPhone 4 Plus. Early in September Apple revealed its new range of iPhones at its California event and there was a lot of excitement about what the new phones offer.

The new phones offer a new camera, processor, colours and many new features. We’ll tell you exactly what you need to know, including all the new features, plus where you can buy yours!

iPhone 14 Camera: more resolution

For a while, Apple stuck to its 12-megapixel main camera but has opted for a change. The iPhone 14 Pro now boasts an impressive 48-megapixel camera! Three times as many pixels as the current iPhone 13. Your pictures will not only look sharper, but you’ll also be able to capture them further. Although the base iPhone 14 will stock a 12-megapixel camera there is a new camera, that allows you better capture low-light shots and Apple suggest you can capture up to 2.5x better low-light photos.
Another new feature will allow creators to capture video in 4k at 24fps, which is the popular standard frame rate in professional filmmaking.

The entire range of iPhone 14 models also has the all-new “Photonic Engine” available. The feature essentially allows for more data to be preserved to capture your photos, meaning the iPhone 14 should produce more realistic, bright and lifelike images.

iPhone 14 inside: increase in power

Apple has created a new processor for the iPhone 14: the A16 Bionic chip. The chip will increase speed, improve battery life, and improve multi-app-tasking. But it’s only available on the iPhone 14 Pro and the Pro Max. The non-Pro models of the iPhone 14 will however receive a RAM upgrade setting the base RAM to 6GB, which was only available on the iPhone 13 Pro. The iPhone 14 has a custom-built antenna, designed by Apple to provide Emergency SOS via satellite in areas lacking coverage. It’s an especially great addition for those who travel a lot or find themselves in locations where there isn’t a signal.

iPhone 14 design & colours: make it yours

The iPhone 14 is available in five colours – red, starlight, purple, midnight and blue. The Pro and Pro Max however come in shades of, Space Black, Gold, Silver and the new Deep purple. Apple has revamped the notch (the cut-out at the top of the screen), rather than the current notch on iPhone models since iPhone X, Apple has reshaped the notch into a smaller, less intrusive pill shape. Renaming the new pill shape ‘Dynamic Island’, the small cut-out now interacts with apps to display notifications, incoming calls and messages.

iPhone 14 costs: How much and where can I buy it?

Here’s how much the iPhone 14 will range in cost:

iPhone 14

  • 128GB – £849
  • 256GB – £959
  • 512GB – £1179

iPhone 14 Plus

  • 128GB – £949
  • 256GB – £1059
  • 512GB – £1179

iPhone 14 Pro Max

  • 128GB – £1199
  • 256GB – £1209
  • 512GB – £1429
  • 1TB – £1649

If you’re looking to purchase your very own iPhone 14 Fulham Broadway has you covered. 3, EE, O2, Sky and Vodafone are all offering great deals on the new iPhone 14, including trade-in offers and discounts. At Fulham Broadway, you’re always spoilt for choice.