—Have you heard of Black Sheep Coffee?

They’re only the fastest growing speciality coffee chain in the UK…

…and with good reason! From small beginnings as a stall in Camden Market, Black Sheep Coffee now has 35 branches across London and branches in Scotland, France and The Philippines!


Alongside great-tasting coffee and treats, they’re known for standing out from the herd. Their extremely friendly staff, great customer service and charitable initiatives. Plus, they’re dog-friendly! Many visitors will often leave the cafe with a bag of beans to try at home!


There are currently five flavoursome and aromatic blends of coffee available to enjoy. Which one will you try first?


Black Sheep Coffee’s house espresso is made from a single origin blend of robusta coffee from India’s Bhadrariver belt, a region known for its rich and complex mineral content. This is a unique blend that features notes of dark chocolate and hazelnut.

Black Sheep Coffee’s robusta is the world’s first speciality grade robusta coffee, made with the highest quality beans and is perfect for those who enjoy espresso-based beverages. Compared to its Arabica cousin, this drink has lower acidity, higher caffeine content and richer crema.

Rebel Decaf

Prepared using the Swiss Water method, a process that involves removing the caffeine from the coffee by using only fresh water, the Rebel Decaf is very smooth and balanced. Expect a full-bodied blend with chocolate, caramel and tobacco notes. A secret treat for those who enjoy espresso-based beverages.

Love Berries

Love Berries is a natural coffee that is sourced from the Burundian Migoti Mountain region to enhance its natural flavour qualities. This coffee lives up to its name with a flavour profile that is jam-packed with juicy and sweet overtones. A favourite among many at Fulham Broadway, expect cinnamon, black cherries, and milk chocolate flavour notes.

Blue Volcano

Colombia’s hilly landscapes are where Blue Volcano, a 100% arabica coffee, is grown. Hand-selected, thoroughly cleaned and dried, this locally grown Black Sheep Coffee bean is bursting with flavour and aroma – you won’t be disappointed.

Blue Volcano’s adaptability makes it possible to make both a delectable espresso-based coffee and filter coffee. Get ready to enjoy rich chocolate tones, toffee praline, and tart citrus acidity.

Bossa Nova

This Yellow Catuai premium grade Arabica bean is grown exclusively for Black Sheep Coffee on a single estate farm in the mountainous region of Cerrado Mineiro, Brazil, which has been managed by the Barbosa family for more than a century. We know for sure you’ll be dancing with joy thanks to its rich, fruity profile.

Brazilian in origin, the Bossa Nova has notes of sweet chocolate, strawberries, and grapefruit. It’s perfect for V60, Aeropress, French press, and batch brew.

Not just an amazing cup of coffee

There’s so much more than a great coffee to enjoy. At Black Sheep Coffee, there are plenty of tasty treats all bursting with intense flavour and alluring aromas. From cakes, croissants and cinnamon rolls to Norwegian waffles and smoothies, just the smell is hard to resist!

When we say there’s something for everyone here, we mean it. From naturally sourced reusable bamboo cups to branded hoodies and umbrellas, you can really show your appreciation and love for Black Sheep Coffee with the merch they have on offer too.

Coffee for a cause

Black Sheep Coffee are also part of a movement to get rid of plastic, protect our oceans and support homeless communities.

Their #FreeCoffeeInitiative not only ensures that homeless people can enjoy a nice warm coffee but also helps fight loneliness with some much-needed human interaction.

In the company’s existence, Black Sheep has never used single-use plastics. They only use 100% compostable coffee cups and takeout containers from Vegware.

Next time you’re visiting us at Fulham Broadway, why not visit Black Sheep Coffee for a truly good cup of coffee and consider purchasing a second one (at a reduced price) for someone less fortunate?