—Black Sheep Coffee Opens Its Doors For The First Time In Fulham

We’re super excited to welcome Black Sheep Coffee to Fulham Broadway! Founded in 2013 by university flatmates, Eirik Holth and Gabriel Shohet, the London-based coffee chain expanded from a stall in Camden to over 35 branches across the capital.

Serving the world’s first specialty-grade robusta beans on the market, Black Sheep Coffee are innovator in the coffee industry. From Norwegian waffles to fresh coffee, Black Sheep Coffee’s signature flavours include Robusta Revival, Rebel Decaf and Blue Volcano.

Robusta Revival

Sourced from the mineral-rich soils along the Bhadra River and producing intense chocolatey flavours, there was no hesitation in picking this bean as Black Sheep Coffee’s house espresso. The world’s first speciality grade robusta bean in the world, Robusta Revival is their pride and joy. Grown under native shade trees, they’ve slow-roasted these beans to create a smooth and full-bodied cup, perfectly suited to those who love espresso-based drinks.


Rebel Decaf

Prepared using the Swiss Water method (a process of applying only fresh water to naturally remove the caffeine – no nasty chemicals in sight) and sourced from the province of Đắk Lắk in Vietnam, this decaf espresso has all the flavour of Black Sheep Coffees caffeinated varieties but without the caffeine hit. Well-balanced and simply delicious, a secret gem amongst its robusta cousins.


Blue Volcano

Blue Volcano, a 100% arabica coffee, is grown on the mountainous terrain of Colombia. Hand-picked, fully washed and dried. Bursting with flavour, this resident Black Sheep Coffee bean will not disappoint. The versatile nature of Blue Volcano allows for both a delicious espresso based and filter coffee.

With coffee shops and cocktail bars across the UK, France and the Philippines, come soak up the vibe and enjoy a perfect cup at their new store in Fulham Broadway.